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Today was one of the scariest days in the school life of any child. Today was sex education day. Since most people at this age have already had sex, it was always an old lady talking, an old video, and everyone was sleeping. Of course, everyone continued because all the parents signed consent forms stating that they were over 18 years old and could hear the problems of adults; So, at one o’clock in the afternoon, all the high school students who were supposed to attend the classes went down the corridor to the classroom. It was an unusually long lesson – pron video two hours. As the students moaned and complained about the discomfort, they were all surprised to see Professor Eekburg, the hottest teacher in the school, greet the students as they entered what they considered a sex education class. Everyone entered with a smile and were again stunned to see another teacher, Mr Smelt, watch video an incredibly attractive male teacher, sitting at a table and casually talking to several guys from the football team. When everyone sat down, a whisper went through the room, suggesting to each other what teachers do and why they teach sex education. As the last students entered the room and took their seats, Professor Ickburg stepped forward to start the day’s lesson. “Hey guys and girls. I think you’re all wondering why we’re having your sex education class today. Well, this year the school decided to try something different by having classes with young and sexy teachers.” After saying that, adult video Jennie assumed her best model pose and smiled sweetly and seductively at the students. “Today will be a fun lesson. But what is going on in this class should not be told to anyone except those present here. If you are not ready to continue this, then please leave now,” Mr. Smelt added, pausing for a moment to let someone out. Surprisingly, no one was left. They were all eager to see what these two sexy teachers had planned for the lesson. “In this lesson, we prefer that you call us by our first names, Michael and Jenny,” he explained, pointing at each as he said their names. Jennie finished her intro, “By staying, you agree to do what we tell you, okay?” “Yes, Jenny,” came the collective response of the students. Jennie was the epitome of beauty, her long wavy black hair falling off her shoulders, her slender figure accentuating her large breasts, her fabulous smile that was the butt of jokes, and her toned body causing a lot of trouble in every class she taught. Michael was the best PE teacher in the school and football coach. He was a former professional player who retired early due to persistent ankle problems. He was still in perfect shape with his large upper body and muscular legs. His short blond hair masked his masculine appearance in the poster.