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It took a while but today we published our new website design.

Until now  we shared 1500+ free textures.
New free models and atlases coming soon but there are a lot of downloadable assets waiting for you!

Like before everything is free and copyright-free. You don’t need to register. Just select an asset and press the download button. You can download assets up to 4K resolution.
You can download fabric textures, concrete textures, seamless textures, wood textures, military models, foilage atalases and more!

If you are one of our patrons, you can sign in to the website using your Patreon account and get some advantages.

When you become a patron; You’ll get early access to unpublished items.

Ads will be disabled for you and download links will be prepared faster for you.

Thanks to everyone who supports us and helps this update happen.

Visit ShareTextures  to see changes and download free 3D models, textures, and atlases 🙂

Working system changes:
Photogrammetry-based textures added
Photogrammetry-based models added
3D Models added
Photometric Stereo based Atlases added

Website change log:
Php/Html website changed with Node.JS
Type&Category system added
Models are visible in 3D before downloading them
Models can download using .blend and .fbx option
Texture tiling can preview before downloading
Patrons can log in to the website and get advantages like early access & remove ads.