Concrete admixture raw metarials , polycarboxylates , Sodium gluconate

Concrete Additives

Polycarboxylates are very effective dispersants used to prevent rot of concrete and increase the durability of composite materials. Polycarboxylates have low foaming properties. It is also known for its resistance to acids and alkalis. Recently, it is known that they provide protection against clays that cause polycarboxylate concrete contamination and are used to improve the surface structure in the production of concrete. Concrete admixture raw metarials Polycarboxylate is polymers used to achieve effects in dry building mixtures. Polycarboxylate is used to improve various concrete properties. Concrete additives can help reduce concrete’s crack development, fluid infiltability, and internal cracking. However, it can also help increase the strength of concrete and increase the durability of composite materials.

Sodium Gluconate,

It is produced by sodium and glucose of sodium gluconate acid. It is a white granular, crystalline solid, very soluble in water. Without its corrosive property, sodium gluconate has an acid property that increases its pH lowering power. Sodium gluconate is used in many industries such as food, medical and auxiliary products, chemical processes, drinking water treatment, solution control, safe soap production. You can find detailed information about this type of concrete additives at